Philly HS Basketball

What a great weekend for Philly HS Basketball. I know for a fact, excluding a small hiccup, that this weekend by far was the best holiday event in the 6 years BAA has been in existence. Not the best talent you will see, but these kids put out a great force of effort and sportsmanship that will exceed any level of talent. Both days we packed the gyms with family and friends to support their loved one, in addition the games were full of action. This weekend made me proud to be involved with Philly Bball. I keep saying that I’m giving it up, but this weekend has me thinking, “I can’t give up on these kids. They need me, they need all of us for continuous support and guidance.” I vow to continue supporting Philly Bball through BAA as long my God continues to give me the strength and courage to keep on. I’m not only challenging myself, I’m challenging all of you!

Your Boy!
Jon Owens, Sr., MS

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