August 15th 2023 concluded my 10th Summer of running Boys and Girls HS Basketball Leagues and 8th year running Mens College Basketball Leagues. I must say, it’s a very tiring and at times thankless task. But I continue to do this because at one point in my life as a youngster, somebody did it for me. This is not a “money grab” for me. My pay comes from seeing student-athletes compete, interact, socialize, enjoy their time with us and most importantly keep them safe. The joy of seeing smiling faces and players walk up to me and say, “Hey Coach Zub”, means everything to me. It’s about relationships and character building. I thank all the players, teams, coaches, refees but especially my squad, Keith Hines, Jazz Williams , Omar Richburg (ihearthoops), Wayne Bishop and Mekhi Blunt (Mike Blunt) son for making this Summer the most exciting, electric and fulfilling season we have ever had. We will continue to get better. The sky is the limit. You know why? Cause “Philly Got Game”

See yall next Summer!



Your Boy!

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