Women’s College Summer League

 Philly Got Game 2024 Women’s College Summer League
 Salvation Army
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

NCAA Division I student-athletes are permitted to participate in this league ONLY on the following dates: June 21 to August 16 (Fridays) and only AFTER obtaining written permission from the institution’s director of athletics (or the director’s official representative) for each participating Division I student-athlete.

League operators are responsible for knowing and operating their leagues according to information posted on www.ncaa.org/ECAG. The Enforcement Certification and Approvals Group (ECAG) will closely monitor and strictly enforce NCAA certification requirements. Failure to conduct your league in compliance with the applicable rules and guidelines may result in the denial of future certification; so it is in your best interest to review these requirements in advance.  All deadlines are strictly enforced.

Note: If prospective student-athletes (high school and/or two-year college athletes) will participate in your league, Division I coaches are not permitted to be in attendance at any time – not even to observe their own student-athletes that may be participating unless separate NCAA event certification is applied for separately and certified event dates are granted.

A complete list of NCAA-certified leagues is available online.

Need more info? See the ECAG FAQs posted on www.ncaa.org/basketballcertification or contact the Enforcement Certification and Approvals Group with the contact information below.

DISCLAIMER: ECAG certification or approval is an indication that at the time when the application processed, the event/league, service, business, agency or program was material compliant with NCAA legislation and requirements so that NCAA Division I student-athletes can participate. ECAG certification or approval does NOT mean that the NCAA is involved with the operation of or provides oversight to these entities or activities nor does it mean that the NCAA has conducted an independent inquiry into the planning, safety, staffing or management of those entities or activities. The NCAA does NOT do so, except regarding submissions required of these entities or activities to demonstrate compliance in the application process.

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